Odd Salon’s 2015 Season

Odd Salon Phenomenon - Jade Hoffman

PHENOMENON ~ Feb 10, 2015

Stories of the unexplained and fantastic, from marvels of nature to quirks of the mind, and why we want to believe in the impossible. Featuring: Jade Hoffman, Amy Widdowson Mains & Miles Traer, Douglas Worley, Aj Anderson, Patrick House, Marcelo Pontin, and Raven Ebner. Read more

Odd Salon Method - Andrey Tselikov

METHOD ~ Feb 24, 2015

Tales of feigned madness and elaborate systems, cautionary tales of scientific process and legacies of artistic rigour. Featuring: Beth Abdallah, Egan Hirvela, Andrey Tselikov, Chris Carrico, Daen de Leon, and Tania Seabock Read more

Odd Salon Genius - Aimee Pavey

GENIUS ~ March 17, 2015

Spectacular savants & wicked brilliance, our never-ending search for knowledge & the mysteries of man’s most complicated organ Featuring: Steen Comer, Amber Guetebier, Aimee Pavey, Joule Aguila, Bart Bernhardt, Annetta Black Read more

Odd Salon Cursed - Laura Rubin

CURSED ~ March 24, 2015

Stories of ill-fated adventure & horrifying luck, lost tombs & famous diamonds, evil eyes & incantations to steer the forces of fate Featuring: Ryan Galiotto, Kurt Larson, Casey Selden, Janelle Slavik, Laura Rubin, and Tamar Baskind. Read more

Odd Salon Rare - Kelly Jensen

RARE ~ April 7, 2015

Stories from the merely unusual to the exquisitely exotic, mysterious diseases & languages nearly extinct, to gems found only once in a lifetime Featuring: Kelly Jensen, Rachael Van Schoik, Frederic Lightning Leist, Isolde Honore, Lilia Gutnik & Todd Barrett Read more

Odd Salon Myriad

MYRIAD ~ April 21, 2015

Stories of flock & swarm, of infinite variety & massing hordes, murmurations, migrations & the power of 10,000 Featuring: Charles Lyons, Jeff Scattini, Leonard Apeltsin, Frederic Lightning Leist, James Manion & Tre Balchowsky Read more

Odd Salon Utopia - Tania Seabock

UTOPIA ~ May 12, 2015

Tales of paradise real and imagined, from Shangri-La & Eden to the idyllic land of “No place” Featuring: Marci Bennett, Emory Taylor, Tania Seabock, Rebecca Joseph, AJ Anderson, Arthur Kay. Curated by Tamar Baskind Read more

Odd Salon Dystopia - Paige Lawrence

DYSTOPIA ~ May 26, 2015

Tales from post-apocalyptic visions & the desolate wasteland, from technology’s dark side & man’s crueler nature, to optimism in the face of almost certain doom Featuring: Paige Lawrence, Kaila Angello, Amy Mains, Alexander Seitz, Stephanie Rosenburg, Chris Taylor Read more

Odd Salon Intrepid

INTREPID ~ June 9, 2015

Stories of brave souls & fearless minds, daredevils, risk takers, troublemakers & adventures from the ends of the Earth Featuring: Kelly Jensen, Chris Carrico, John Adams, Casey Selden, Josh Greenwalt, and John Law Read more

Odd Salon Covert

COVERT ~ June 23, 2015

Tales of the clandestine & concealed, furtive exploits, concealed intents & deals made under the sign of the rose Featuring: Beth Abdallah, Marcelo Pontin, Michael Brodhead, Tysa Marie Rauch, Lilia Gutnik, and Stephanie Rosenburg Read more

Odd Salon Infamy

INFAMY ~ July 7, 2015

Stories from the underbelly of fame, of rogues & wanton women, scandal, outrage & lives lived large. Featuring: Andrey Tselikov, Rheanna Bates, Jade Hoffman, Egan Hirvela, and Kelly Jensen. Curated by Todd Barrett. Read more

Odd Salon Accident - Miles Traer

ACCIDENT ~ July 21, 2015

Tales of mishap & misunderstanding, fortune, freak chance, lucky coincidence & indirect routes to unlikely destinies Featuring: Justin Quimby, Michael Brodhead, Arthur Kay, Matthew Nelson, Isolde Honore, Miles Traer. Curated by Annetta Black. Read more

Odd Salon MYTHOS - Nancy Mandeville Caciola

MYTH(OS) ~ August 4, 2015

Figments of the imagination & flights of fancy, heroes, villains, talking beasts & the spectacular horrors of the dissonant mind Featuring: Claudius Reich, Stuart Gripman, Jeff Scattini, Nancy Caciola, Andrey Tselikov & Annetta Black. Curated by Matt Nelson Read more


ANOMALY ~ Sept 29, 2015

Stories of deviation & aberration, oddities, eccentric orbits & isolated ecosystems run amok Featuring: Kurt Larson, Besha Grey, Marcus Marchesseault, Aimee Pavy, Amber Guetebier, Hernan Pelassini & Rebecca Joseph. Curated by Tamar Baskind Read more


MONSTROUS ~ Oct 6, 2015

Tales of the beastly & abnormal, fiends in the shadows, monsters of the imagination & creatures of the deepest dark. Featuring: Charles Lyon, Rachel James, Jeff Scattini, Christopher Reeves, Daen de Leon, Amy Widdowson Mains. Curated by Tre Balchowsky Read more

UNDEAD ~ Oct 20, 2015

Stories of revenants & apparitions, unquiet spirits, the dislodged dead, bloodsucking fiends & souls brought back from the other side Featuring: KC Crowell, Laura Rubin, Michael Brodhead, Daniel Cohen, Steen Comer, Chris Carrico. Curated by Annetta Black Read more

GRIFT ~ Nov 10, 2015

Tales of the hoax & the hustler, clever con men & daring pigeon drops, rackets, ropers & marks made of money Featuring: Casey Selden, Leonard Apeltsin, Besha Grey, Christian Cagigal, Imogen Speer, and Eva Galperin. Curated by Annetta Black Read more

REVENGE ~ Nov 17, 2015

Stories of retribution & ruthless vengeance, ceaseless vendettas, satisfaction served cold & the many unpleasant forms consequences can take Featuring: Michael Sollazzo, Daniel Cohen, Marci Bennett, Isolde Honore, Kurt Larson, and Meeks Baker. Curated by Jade Hoffman Read more

ODDMENTS ~ Dec 15, 2015

An end of year celebration of stories that refused to be themed, of odd ends & spare parts, strange tales, sundries & wondrous miscellanea Featuring: Tamar Baskind, Lilia Gutnik, Frederic Lightning Leist, Christian Cagigal, Raven Ebner, Christopher Reeves and curated by Annetta Black Read more