Odd Salon’s 2014 Season

(our very first season!)

ENLIGHTENMENT ~ February 11, 2014

Prison. Scandal. Blasphemy. Coffee. Featuring: Chris Carrico, Amy Widdowson, Jade Hoffman, Ryan Galiotto, and Christopher Wallis Read more

Odd Salon - Failure

FAILURE ~ February 25, 2014

Death, Defeat, Schadenfreude & the Great Molasses Flood Featuring: Todd Barrett, Kelly Jensen, Ryan Galiotto, Tre Balchowsky, Rachel James & Annetta Black. Read more

Odd Salon Rogue - Marcelo Pontin

ROGUE ~ March 11, 2014

Dashing highwaymen & masked bandits, gunslingers & silver-tongued scoundrels. Fearturing: Amy Widdowson, Marcelo Pontin, Janelle Slavik, Josh Greenwalt, Matthew Nelson and Ian Dawson. Read more

Odd Salon Fake

FAKE ~ March 25, 2014

Imposters & Bamboozlers, Forgeries, Phonies & Fiji Mermaids Featuring: Tamar Baskind, Marci Bennett, Steen Comer and Amber Guetebier. Read more

Odd Salon LOST

LOST ~ April 15, 2014

Adrift, Astray, Forgotten, Vanished Without a Trace. Featuring: Beth Abdallah, Chris Carrico, Barry Synoground, Amy Widdowson, and Michael Sollazzo. Read more

Odd Salon SECRET


The classified & covert, the cryptic, the covert & the concealed. Featuring: Steen Comer, Frederic Lightning Leist , Miles Traer, Douglas Worley , Annetta Black and Rachel James Read more

Odd Salon - Grass Valley


Stories of debauchery and defiance, scandalous dancers and the unquiet dead. At the Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, California Featuring: Sean Sanford, Matthew Nelson, Annetta Black, Lizzy Lee Savage , Rachel James & Matt Osbourn. Read more

Odd Salon CHAOS

CHAOS ~ May 27, 2014

Stories of anarchists & tricksters, hidden patterns in pandemonium & the dancing plague of 1518 Featuring: Rachel James, Jade Hoffman, Tre Balchowsky, Miles Traer, KC Crowell, Marcelo Pontin Read more

Odd Salon SPICE

SPICE ~ June 10, 2014

Stories of exotic flavors & far away lands, secret missions & battles royale Featuring: Daen de Leon, Paige Lawrence, Frederic Lightning Leist, Tamar Baskind, John Adams, Kaila Angello. Read more

Odd Salon EVOLVE

EVOLVE ~ May 13, 2014

Stories of change & adaptation, miraculous transformation, isolated wonders & freaks of nature Featuring: Danielle Vincent, Chris Reeves, Chris Carrico, Chris Venter Read more


PRESERVED ~ June 24, 2014

Stories of conservation & extraordinary survival, shrunken heads & human taxidermy Featuring: Hernan Pelassini, Sean Sanford, Kelly Jensen, Daen de Leon, Annetta Black & KC Crowell Read more


MADNESS ~ July 8, 2014

Troubled souls raving lunatics, missing marbles, belfry bats & great minds eaten away at the edges Featuring: Lizzy Lee Savage, Stuart Gripman, Marci Bennett, Fritz Striker, Jade Hoffman, Arthur Kay & Kaila Angelo Read more


ILLUSION ~ July 22, 2014

Stories of deception & mirage, optical oddities, false beauty & masters of manipulation July 22, 2014 at DNA Lounge Featuring: Miles Traer ~ The Greatest Card Cheat & the Mythical Sleight Justin Oliphant ~ Mystery Spots, Gravity Hills & the Perpetuation of the Mysterious Laura Rubin ~ The Illusion of… Read more


TREASURE ~ August 12, 2014

Stories of buried booty & shipwreck gold, golden hoardes, secret stashes & diamonds worth dying for Featuring: Steen Comer, AJ Anderson, Seana Miracle, Ryan Galiotto, Arthur Kay, Norman Eisely Read more


SERENDIPITY ~ Nov 11, 2014

Tales of happy coincidence, fateful encounters, harmonious happenstance & miracles of chance Featuring: Frederic Lightning Leist, Andrey Tselikov, Isolde Honore, Michael Sollazzo, AJ Anderson & Ben Davis. Read more

Odd Salon RUIN - Douglas Worley

RUIN ~ Sept 23, 2014

Stories of disaster & decay, lost cites, intriguing remains & beauty amongst the debris Featuring: Hernan Pelassini, Douglas Worley, Christina Macias, Frederick Lightning Leist, Annetta Black, Rachel James Read more

Odd Salon BEAST - Annetta Black

BEAST ~ Oct 14, 2014

Tales of creatures tentacled & be-clawed, mythic & fierce Featuring: Stuart Gripman, Raven Ebner, Chris Carrico, Amy Widdowson Mains, Tim Guandalini , Rachel Youens Read more


MACHINE ~ October 28, 2014

Infernal devices, brilliant technology, ancient inventions & robotic overlords David Lang/OpenROV, Karen Marcelo/DorkbotSF, Ezra Spier/Other Machine, Annetta Black, John Adams, Arthur Kay Read more


OBSESSION ~ Nov 25, 2014

Stories of passion & addiction & the fine line between preoccupation & mania Featuring: Daen de Leon, Rebecca Joseph, Beth Abdallah, Tysa Rauch, Rachel James & Sean Sanford Read more

Odd Salon ODDMENTS 2014

ODDMENTS ~ Dec 9, 2014

An evening of miscellanea & findings, bits, pieces & themeless wonders Featuring: Amber Guetebier, Stuart Gripman, Isolde Honore, Tamar Baskind, Miles Traer, and Fritz Striker Read more