Past Salons

ODDMENTS ~ December 12, 2017

A celebration of odd bits & strange tales, overlooked marvels, unsung heroes, & uncommon knowledge, high adventure and scientific innovation, unlikely heroes and strange beasts, detachable heads and scantily clad beauties. December 12th, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring: Leonard Apeltsin ~ In Search of Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island Kate… Read more

DAREDEVIL~ November 21, 2017

Stories of risk takers and adrenaline-driven adventures, those who defy death, gamble with their lives, and cast safety to the winds. November 21st, 2017 at Public Works SF. Featuring: Kurt Larson ~Abbas Ibn Firnas: A Man who Plummeted a Lot Gillian Wolfe ~ Mabel Stark: The OG Crazy Cat Lady… Read more

FORBIDDEN ~ November 7, 2017

Tales of the taboo & verboten, the underground, off limits & secrets behind closed doors. November 7th, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring: Brianne Hughes ~ The Fruit of All Evil Casey Seldon ~ A Swiss Sheikh Spy’s Daring Desert Discovery Sahil Bansal ~ The Doomed Romance of Salim & Anarkali… Read more

OCCULT ~ October 17, 2017

Tales of dark mysteries & alchemical pursuits, esoteric practices & the quest for arcane knowledge October 17th, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring: Christopher Reeves ~ Science vs. Ectoplasm: Your Orifices Aren’t Haunted Lindsay Lelivelt ~ Who ya Gonna Call?: Catching up with London’s Original Ghostbusters Tania Seabock ~ From… Read more

IMPOSTER ~ October 3, 2017

Stories of cunning charlatans & mischievous mountebanks, fakes, frauds & great pretenders October 3rd, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring: Barbara North ~ Delightful Deceits With Trompe-l’œil Eva Galperin ~ This Is Not My Beautiful Wife: The Capgras Delusion Matt Mills ~ The Ship of Theseus: How Do You Know… Read more

EXTINCT ~ September 19, 2017

Stories of ancient beasts & monstrous marvels, lost species, last chances & rare survivors: Odd Salon  September 19th, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring: John Adams ~ Lost in Sound: A Brief History of Sound Recording Bronica Blue ~ Thylacine: Wolf, Tiger, or Devil? Reigh Robitaille ~ Vanishing Voices: Unwrapping… Read more

EPIDEMIC ~ September 5, 2017

Tales of outbreaks & panic, death, plague doctors & the quest for cures. September 5th, 2017, at Public Works, SF Featuring: Michael Brodhead ~ Plague Masks: Pestilence & Pointy Noses Frederick Lightning Leist ~ Dr. Snow in a Time of Cholera Amy Mains ~ Media Delirium: From War of the… Read more

DUEL ~ August 15, 2017

Stories of grudges & grievances, swords, seconds & guns drawn at dawn. August 15th, 2017, at Public Works SF.  Featuring: Kat Bret ~ Feminist Floral Fight: The First Emancipated Duel Tamar Baskind ~ Flyting: Dueling with Words & Wit Kate O’Donnell ~ A Dogged Duel: The Murder Trial of Chevalier… Read more

HOAX ~ August 1, 2017

Classic hoaxes and tall tales from history’s greatest liars — from the professional pranks of PT Barnum and wonderful lies of Baron von Munchausen, to the details of fake people and phony artifacts, miraculous bunnies, talking weasels, and the phantom isles of cartography’s past. August 1st, 2017, at Public Works… Read more

STOLEN ~ July 11, 2017

Tales of purloined goods & pilfered ideas, plagiarizers, poachers & history’s most unrepentant thieves. July 11th, 2017, at Public Works SF Featuring: Casey Selden – Stolen to Steal: the Life Story of Ino Moxo Egan Hirvela – The Raiders of Tut’s Tomb: A Tale of Archaeology, Curses & Theft Arthur Kay… Read more

CRACKPOT ~ June 13, 2017

Stories of odd ducks and maudlin eccentrics, mad scientists, snake oil salesman, and the thin line between genius and madness. June 13th 2017, at Public Works SF Featuring: John Brecht – Electric Frogs & the Secret of Life reigh robitaille – St. Anthony’s Fire and le Pain Maudit (a.k.a. the Cursed… Read more

MUTINY ~ June 6, 2017

Tales of riots and rebellions, rank insubordination, and righteous uprisings against corrupt authority June 6th, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring: Jonathan Pirro – The Battle for Castle Itter James Manion – On a Raft, in the Sea: A Cultural Mutiny of Class & Art Lynne Rutter – Filthy Lucre: The Story of… Read more

SWINDLE ~ May 16, 2017

Stories of bamboozlers and the bamboozled, schemers, cheats, and opportunities far too good to be true Tues, May 16, at Public Works SF. Featuring: Lilia Gutnik – Old Mother Mandelbaum & her School for Thieves Christian Cagigal – The Rube Act: Canada Bill Jones & the Three Card Monte Lindsay Lelivelt… Read more

SIEGE ~ May 2, 2017

Tales of blockades vs. mighty walls, trebuchets and catapults, mercenaries, munitions, and strategies for deadly games of waiting. May 2nd, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring: Ronny Preciado – Of Buckets & Bloodshed: The Battle of Zappolino Kurt Opsahl – Constantinople 1453: The Last Stand of the Roman Empire Tre… Read more

CREATURE ~ April 18, 2017

Stories of mythic monsters and ferocious beasts, the feathered, the furred, the finned, and the weird in-betweens. April 18th, 2017, at Public Works SF.   Featuring: Paul Koudounaris ~ Humphrey: History’s Greatest Cat Raven Ember ~ The Art of Cryptids meets Natural History Frederic Leist ~ The Riddle of the… Read more

2017 Sailing Salon aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain ~ April 16, 2017

Maritime heritage and peculiar histories unite for a special two-part event for adult audiences hosted by Odd Salon, a collective of experts and enthusiasts in obscure stories from history, science, art, and adventure. Each Sailing Salon will feature tales of peril and mystery and humor on the high seas from… Read more

2017 Sailing Salon aboard the Lady Washington ~ April 14, 2017

Maritime heritage and peculiar histories unite for a special two-part event for adult audiences hosted by Odd Salon, a collective of experts and enthusiasts in obscure stories from history, science, art, and adventure. Each Sailing Salon will feature tales of peril and mystery and humor on the high seas from… Read more

CRISIS ~ April 4, 2017

Stories of survival and fortitude in the face of disaster, hope eternal, and the light that comes after the storm. April 4th, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring Arthur Kay ~ The Accountant Who Saved Manchuria Andrey Tselikov ~ One Wedding and a Thousand Funerals: Massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy Brianne… Read more

MARVEL ~ March 21, 2017

Stories of ancient wonders and sideshow spectacles, masterpieces of modern engineering and terrifying mythical beasts, the miracle of movable type, and eccentric collectors of curiosities. March 21, 2017, at Public Works SF. Featuring: Jonathan Pirro ~ What Are These Wonders, And Why Are There Seven? Aimee Pavy ~ Robert Ripley… Read more

BADASS ~ March 7, 2017

Tales of epic badassery, from dashing duelers to warrior women, vengeful artists, intrepid explorations, some very angry birds, and patently insane early flights. 2017 OPENING NIGHT! March 7th, 2017 at Public Works SF.   Featuring Justin Quimby ~ Sophie & Jean-Pierre Blanchard: Balloonists Extraordinaire Leonard Apeltsin ~ Theodore Roosevelt vs. the… Read more

ODDMENTS 2016 ~ Dec 13 2016

A year’s end celebration of odds & ends, bits & bibelots, peculiar plots & strange sagas Read more

LEGACY ~ Nov 22, 2016

Stories of inheritance & aftermath, legends, lore & the stories we leave behind Read more

ESCAPE ~ Nov 8, 2016

Tales of bold break-outs & daring getaways, dodges, sidesteps & impossible flights Read more

JUSTICE ~ October 25, 2016

Tales of honesty and equity, wrongs righted, righteous law, and how to cope when the defendant is dead. Read more

TWIST ~ October 18, 2016

Tales of curving paths & convoluted narratives, zigs, zags & the delights of unanticipated outcomes Read more

NEMESIS ~ September 20, 2016

Six stories of equals & opposites, of perfect enemies, unconquerable foes & divine retribution Read more

HEIST ~ September 6, 2016

Tales of rip-offs, stick-ups & shake-downs; pinched valuables, cracked safes & improbable capers Read more

MISCHIEF ~ August 23, 2016

Tales of schemes and plots, pranks, ploys & troublemakers run amok Read more

ARCHIVE ~ August 9, 2016

Stories of incredible collections & wonderful assemblages, repositories, vaults & hoards of treasure. Read more

ARTIFACT ~ July 26, 2016

Tales of unusual objects & strange provenance, discoveries, treasures, priceless relics & telltale remains. Read more

ENDEAVOR ~ July 12, 2016

Stories of extraordinary effort & epic undertakings, heroic measures & of doing the utmost… against all odds Read more

Odd Salon MAPPED

MAPPED ~ June 28, 2016

Stories of cartographic masterpieces, charted territories & terra incognita, of dragons & sea nymphs, surveyors & trailblazers & the myth of the fully mapped world Read more

COSMOS ~ June 14, 2016

Tales of the universe expansive, the stars & planets & wonders of space, of invented worlds, imagined realities & our tiny place amongst it all. Read more

Odd Salon LOGIC

LOGIC ~ May 24, 2016

Stories of reason & rationale, heated debates & carefully measured words, of common sense, uncommon insight & rare wisdom. Read more

SABOTAGE ~ May 10, 2016

Tales of destruction & damage, espionage & subterfuge, of plans gone astray & plots masterfully undermined Read more

Odd Salon FOLLY

FOLLY ~ May 3, 2016

Stories of failure and fortitude, bad ideas, rotten luck, lunatic ambition & the glories of ridiculous invention Read more

QUEST ~ Apr 12, 2016

Tales of the hunter & the hunted, fabled treasures & impossible futures, legendary adventures, long-sought cures & quixotic pursuits Read more

MUSE ~ Mar 22nd, 2016

Tales of inspiration & revelation, afflatus & stimulus, and the creative encouragement of fellow humans, divine entities, & mind-altering substances. Read more

MEMORY ~ Mar 8, 2016

Tales of mind palaces & mnemonics, of extraordinary retention, agonizing loss, untrustworthy brains & why you can’t remember where you put your keys. Read more

FATE ~ Feb 23, 2016

Stories of portents & omens & the illusion of free will, from the Scottish Play & Nostradamus, to the major arcana & magic eight balls Read more


Rare Whisky, Silent Film, Explorers’ Tales & Penguin Sex – at The Interval, with the Long Now Foundation Read more

TIME ~ Feb 9, 2016

Short talks from the odd corners of the history of time, from the mysteries of the Antikythera Device to the realities of time travel, the race to solve the challenge of determining longitude to the methods of ancient monumental time keepers. Read more

ODDMENTS ~ Dec 15, 2015

An end of year celebration of stories that refused to be themed, of odd ends & spare parts, strange tales, sundries & wondrous miscellanea

Featuring: Tamar Baskind, Lilia Gutnik, Frederic Lightning Leist, Christian Cagigal, Raven Ebner, Christopher Reeves and curated by Annetta Black Read more

REVENGE ~ Nov 17, 2015

Stories of retribution & ruthless vengeance, ceaseless vendettas, satisfaction served cold & the many unpleasant forms consequences can take

Featuring: Michael Sollazzo, Daniel Cohen, Marci Bennett, Isolde Honore, Kurt Larson, and Meeks Baker. Curated by Jade Hoffman Read more

GRIFT ~ Nov 10, 2015

Tales of the hoax & the hustler, clever con men & daring pigeon drops, rackets, ropers & marks made of money

Featuring: Casey Selden, Leonard Apeltsin, Besha Grey, Christian Cagigal, Imogen Speer, and Eva Galperin. Curated by Annetta Black Read more

UNDEAD ~ Oct 20, 2015

Stories of revenants & apparitions, unquiet spirits, the dislodged dead, bloodsucking fiends & souls brought back from the other side

Featuring: KC Crowell, Laura Rubin, Michael Brodhead, Daniel Cohen, Steen Comer, Chris Carrico. Curated by Annetta Black Read more


MONSTROUS ~ Oct 6, 2015

Tales of the beastly & abnormal, fiends in the shadows, monsters of the imagination & creatures of the deepest dark.

Featuring: Charles Lyon, Rachel James, Jeff Scattini, Christopher Reeves, Daen de Leon, Amy Widdowson Mains. Curated by Tre Balchowsky Read more


ANOMALY ~ Sept 29, 2015

Stories of deviation & aberration, oddities, eccentric orbits & isolated ecosystems run amok

Featuring: Kurt Larson, Besha Grey, Marcus Marchesseault, Aimee Pavy, Amber Guetebier, Hernan Pelassini & Rebecca Joseph. Curated by Tamar Baskind Read more

Odd Salon MYTHOS - Nancy Mandeville Caciola

MYTH(OS) ~ August 4, 2015

Figments of the imagination & flights of fancy, heroes, villains, talking beasts & the spectacular horrors of the dissonant mind

Featuring: Claudius Reich, Stuart Gripman, Jeff Scattini, Nancy Caciola, Andrey Tselikov & Annetta Black. Curated by Matt Nelson Read more

Odd Salon Accident - Miles Traer

ACCIDENT ~ July 21, 2015

Tales of mishap & misunderstanding, fortune, freak chance, lucky coincidence & indirect routes to unlikely destinies

Featuring: Justin Quimby, Michael Brodhead, Arthur Kay, Matthew Nelson, Isolde Honore, Miles Traer. Curated by Annetta Black. Read more

Odd Salon Infamy

INFAMY ~ July 7, 2015

Stories from the underbelly of fame, of rogues & wanton women, scandal, outrage & lives lived large.

Featuring: Andrey Tselikov, Rheanna Bates, Jade Hoffman, Egan Hirvela, and Kelly Jensen. Curated by Todd Barrett. Read more

Odd Salon Covert

COVERT ~ June 23, 2015

Tales of the clandestine & concealed, furtive exploits, concealed intents & deals made under the sign of the rose

Featuring: Beth Abdallah, Marcelo Pontin, Michael Brodhead, Tysa Marie Rauch, Lilia Gutnik, and Stephanie Rosenburg Read more

Odd Salon Intrepid

INTREPID ~ June 9, 2015

Stories of brave souls & fearless minds, daredevils, risk takers, troublemakers & adventures from the ends of the Earth

Featuring: Kelly Jensen, Chris Carrico, John Adams, Casey Selden, Josh Greenwalt, and John Law Read more

Odd Salon Dystopia - Paige Lawrence

DYSTOPIA ~ May 26, 2015

Tales from post-apocalyptic visions & the desolate wasteland, from technology’s dark side & man’s crueler nature, to optimism in the face of almost certain doom

Featuring: Paige Lawrence, Kaila Angello, Amy Mains, Alexander Seitz, Stephanie Rosenburg, Chris Taylor Read more

Odd Salon Utopia - Tania Seabock

UTOPIA ~ May 12, 2015

Tales of paradise real and imagined, from Shangri-La & Eden to the idyllic land of “No place”

Featuring: Marci Bennett, Emory Taylor, Tania Seabock, Rebecca Joseph, AJ Anderson, Arthur Kay. Curated by Tamar Baskind Read more

Odd Salon Myriad

MYRIAD ~ April 21, 2015

Stories of flock & swarm, of infinite variety & massing hordes, murmurations, migrations & the power of 10,000

Featuring: Charles Lyons, Jeff Scattini, Leonard Apeltsin, Frederic Lightning Leist, James Manion & Tre Balchowsky Read more

Odd Salon Rare - Kelly Jensen

RARE ~ April 7, 2015

Stories from the merely unusual to the exquisitely exotic, mysterious diseases & languages nearly extinct, to gems found only once in a lifetime

Featuring: Kelly Jensen, Rachael Van Schoik, Frederic Lightning Leist, Isolde Honore, Lilia Gutnik & Todd Barrett Read more

Odd Salon Cursed - Laura Rubin

CURSED ~ March 24, 2015

Stories of ill-fated adventure & horrifying luck, lost tombs & famous diamonds, evil eyes & incantations to steer the forces of fate

Featuring: Ryan Galiotto, Kurt Larson, Casey Selden, Janelle Slavik, Laura Rubin, and Tamar Baskind. Read more

Odd Salon Genius - Aimee Pavey

GENIUS ~ March 17, 2015

Spectacular savants & wicked brilliance, our never-ending search for knowledge & the mysteries of man’s most complicated organ

Featuring: Steen Comer, Amber Guetebier, Aimee Pavey, Joule Aguila, Bart Bernhardt, Annetta Black Read more

Odd Salon Method - Andrey Tselikov

METHOD ~ Feb 24, 2015

Tales of feigned madness and elaborate systems, cautionary tales of scientific process and legacies of artistic rigour.

Featuring: Beth Abdallah, Egan Hirvela, Andrey Tselikov, Chris Carrico, Daen de Leon, and Tania Seabock Read more

Odd Salon Phenomenon - Jade Hoffman

PHENOMENON ~ Feb 10, 2015

Stories of the unexplained and fantastic, from marvels of nature to quirks of the mind, and why we want to believe in the impossible.

Featuring: Jade Hoffman, Amy Widdowson Mains & Miles Traer, Douglas Worley, Aj Anderson, Patrick House, Marcelo Pontin, and Raven Ebner. Read more

Odd Salon ODDMENTS 2014

ODDMENTS ~ Dec 9, 2014

An evening of miscellanea & findings, bits, pieces & themeless wonders

Featuring: Amber Guetebier, Stuart Gripman, Isolde Honore, Tamar Baskind, Miles Traer, and Fritz Striker Read more


OBSESSION ~ Nov 25, 2014

Stories of passion & addiction & the fine line between preoccupation & mania

Featuring: Daen de Leon, Rebecca Joseph, Beth Abdallah, Tysa Rauch, Rachel James & Sean Sanford Read more


MACHINE ~ October 28, 2014

Infernal devices, brilliant technology, ancient inventions & robotic overlords

David Lang/OpenROV, Karen Marcelo/DorkbotSF, Ezra Spier/Other Machine, Annetta Black, John Adams, Arthur Kay Read more

Odd Salon BEAST - Annetta Black

BEAST ~ Oct 14, 2014

Tales of creatures tentacled & be-clawed, mythic & fierce

Featuring: Stuart Gripman, Raven Ebner, Chris Carrico, Amy Widdowson Mains, Tim Guandalini , Rachel Youens Read more

Odd Salon RUIN - Douglas Worley

RUIN ~ Sept 23, 2014

Stories of disaster & decay, lost cites, intriguing remains & beauty amongst the debris

Featuring: Hernan Pelassini, Douglas Worley, Christina Macias, Frederick Lightning Leist, Annetta Black, Rachel James Read more


SERENDIPITY ~ Nov 11, 2014

Tales of happy coincidence, fateful encounters, harmonious happenstance & miracles of chance

Featuring: Frederic Lightning Leist, Andrey Tselikov, Isolde Honore, Michael Sollazzo, AJ Anderson & Ben Davis. Read more


TREASURE ~ August 12, 2014

Stories of buried booty & shipwreck gold, golden hoardes, secret stashes & diamonds worth dying for

Featuring: Steen Comer, AJ Anderson, Seana Miracle, Ryan Galiotto, Arthur Kay, Norman Eisely Read more


ILLUSION ~ July 22, 2014

Stories of deception & mirage, optical oddities, false beauty & masters of manipulation July 22, 2014 at DNA Lounge Featuring: Miles Traer ~ The Greatest Card Cheat & the Mythical Sleight Justin Oliphant ~ Mystery Spots, Gravity Hills & the Perpetuation of the Mysterious Laura Rubin ~ The Illusion of… Read more


MADNESS ~ July 8, 2014

Troubled souls raving lunatics, missing marbles, belfry bats & great minds eaten away at the edges

Featuring: Lizzy Lee Savage, Stuart Gripman, Marci Bennett, Fritz Striker, Jade Hoffman, Arthur Kay & Kaila Angelo Read more


PRESERVED ~ June 24, 2014

Stories of conservation & extraordinary survival, shrunken heads & human taxidermy

Featuring: Hernan Pelassini, Sean Sanford, Kelly Jensen, Daen de Leon, Annetta Black & KC Crowell Read more

Odd Salon EVOLVE

EVOLVE ~ May 13, 2014

Stories of change & adaptation, miraculous transformation, isolated wonders & freaks of nature

Featuring: Danielle Vincent, Chris Reeves, Chris Carrico, Chris Venter Read more

Odd Salon SPICE

SPICE ~ June 10, 2014

Stories of exotic flavors & far away lands, secret missions & battles royale

Featuring: Daen de Leon, Paige Lawrence, Frederic Lightning Leist, Tamar Baskind, John Adams, Kaila Angello. Read more

Odd Salon CHAOS

CHAOS ~ May 27, 2014

Stories of anarchists & tricksters, hidden patterns in pandemonium & the dancing plague of 1518

Featuring: Rachel James, Jade Hoffman, Tre Balchowsky, Miles Traer, KC Crowell, Marcelo Pontin Read more

Odd Salon - Grass Valley


Stories of debauchery and defiance, scandalous dancers and the unquiet dead.

At the Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley, California

Featuring: Sean Sanford, Matthew Nelson, Annetta Black, Lizzy Lee Savage , Rachel James & Matt Osbourn. Read more

Odd Salon SECRET


The classified & covert, the cryptic, the covert & the concealed.

Featuring: Steen Comer, Frederic Lightning Leist , Miles Traer, Douglas Worley , Annetta Black
and Rachel James Read more

Odd Salon LOST

LOST ~ April 15, 2014

Adrift, Astray, Forgotten, Vanished Without a Trace.

Featuring: Beth Abdallah, Chris Carrico, Barry Synoground, Amy Widdowson, and Michael Sollazzo. Read more

Odd Salon Fake

FAKE ~ March 25, 2014

Imposters & Bamboozlers, Forgeries, Phonies & Fiji Mermaids

Featuring: Tamar Baskind, Marci Bennett, Steen Comer and Amber Guetebier. Read more

Odd Salon Rogue - Marcelo Pontin

ROGUE ~ March 11, 2014

Dashing highwaymen & masked bandits, gunslingers & silver-tongued scoundrels.

Fearturing: Amy Widdowson, Marcelo Pontin, Janelle Slavik, Josh Greenwalt, Matthew Nelson and Ian Dawson. Read more

Odd Salon - Failure

FAILURE ~ February 25, 2014

Death, Defeat, Schadenfreude & the Great Molasses Flood

Featuring: Todd Barrett, Kelly Jensen, Ryan Galiotto, Tre Balchowsky, Rachel James & Annetta Black. Read more

ENLIGHTENMENT ~ February 11, 2014

Prison. Scandal. Blasphemy. Coffee.

Featuring: Chris Carrico, Amy Widdowson, Jade Hoffman, Ryan Galiotto, and Christopher Wallis Read more